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10 Warning signs that Your body is Lacking Water

It is a fact that we cannot live without water.

It is a fact that we cannot live without water. The body cannot survive more than 72 hours, without water. The human body contains 65% water. There can be considerable variation in body water percentage based on a number of factors like age, weight, health and love.

Every part of our body depends on water, so make sure to drink water, because you will have numerous benefits like:
-Promoting the elimination of waste products and toxins -Keeping your skin hydrated and youthful -Protecting your tissues, spinal cord and joints -Lubricating your joints and eyes -Balancing the body fluids -Promoting digestion -Controlling calorie intake -Regulating body temperature
Proper hydration is essential for our health. So make sure you consume lots of fluids and to eat foods rich in water to keep your body hydrated.
But in some situations like diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating your body can lose more water.
In this post, you will see which a…
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These Were The Habits Practiced By Marcus Aurelius Every Day

It's humbling to think that Marcus Aurelius,the head of the most powerful empire on,earth had the same amount of hours in,the day as you just 24 so how did he get,it all done how did he have time to be a,king a philosopher a writer a husband to,pass laws and judge cases to lead troops,into battle and guide Rome through a,terrible plague and do this while,remaining good without being corrupted,by the temptations or the stresses of,his position well routine had something,to do with it

Marcus Aurelius was a man,of habit,all the Stoics were they understood as,Aristotle did that we are what we,repeatedly do that excellence is a habit,for Marcus Aurelius the day started,early at dawn when you awake he wrote,know that you are getting up to do the,work of a human being there was no time,for him to stay under the covers and,stay warm it was in the early morning we,think that Marcus did his journaling he,would spend a few minutes with the blank,page writing down his thoughts clearing,his mi…

Speech by Alexander of Macedon

What I’m about to say isn't meant to stop you returning home. As far as I care, you,can go wherever you wish. But I want you to know how you have behaved towards me, and,how I have treated you.,I’ll begin, as is right, with my father,
When he found you, you were mere peasants,wearing hides, tending a few sheep on the,mountain slopes, and you could barely defend them from your neighbours.,Under him, you began living in cities, with good laws and customs. And he turned you from,slaves into rulers over those very barbarians
who used to plunder your land.,He conquered most of Thrace, taking the best
harbours so there was trade and prosperity,,and put the mines to steady work.

The Thessalians - they used to terrify you! Well, we rule them now!,The Athenians and Thebans, always looking
for a chance to attack Macedonia, were so,humbled – myself playing my small part in the war - that they no longer take tribute,from Macedonia, but instead depend on us for their protection!,My father wen…


What is an resource page?

An asset page is basically a page on your blog that features valuable posts and data about a specific theme you blog about.

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Before we go into making a page, I needed to specify the way that a ton of bloggers, and perhaps you, are taking care of your old posts at this moment.

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Programming Notes 001

My advice: the basics of programming don't require any math past algebra. You want to make websites? You're fine. You want to wire some libraries together and make it so the light turns green when the camera sees motion? You're fine. Basically zero math required. 95% of what a programmer does requires practically zero understanding of math or, honestly, how computers work.But so many of the interesting things, the complex things, the neat things, these require math in spades. You want to master machine learning? Math by the bucketfull. You want to come up with your own data compression algorithm? Math. Want to implement some sort of physics simulation? Math. Improve on the video codec used to encode those YouTube videos? Math. Want to understand the theoretical parts of computer science? Get into reasoning about computability? Math.But the thing is, none of those things are necessary to learn to program. You can write programs for your whole career and never c…